Hike Two: Gardens and Hills North of Baden, Austria, Two Days After Hike One

PART TWO: But, so far this garden walk has been a stroll, let's take a hike! So, up the hill and into the woods we go along trails that are veritable highways, with rest areas, near to town:

But as you get away from town, the trails become real trails with official markers and everything:

And the trees! What a pleasure!

It was hard for me to get over the brilliant greenness of it all, I am sure in Summer it is greener but not quite so bright.

No two views were ever the same, and these photos span quite a range in time and a bit in distance as well:

Some places had stands of pines:

Sometimes there was a valley view, but with so much greenery the views were rare and limited:

Sometimes there were city views to be had, it is where there were clearings to allow them: (did I tell you it was raining?)

This is the same area a few minutes later, from much further up the hill, when the rain and clouds lifted:

One thing the rain did was give me some playful drops across my lens:

These last two photos were taken from a tower I documented in pictures that were lost when I hit a wrong button somewhere. Oh well. From that tower these were some other scenes, this of hills to the east that are already covered in the tree pictures above:

This to the north, more hills:

This to the southeast: Baden --

This to the southwest, again Baden, and on the horizon, with the naked eye, I could see snow on the mountains on the horizon, the beginning of the Austrian Alps!

I repeated that shot at 3X zoom to attempt to get that snow picture. Did I succeed? No.

As the rain stopped, and the sun came out, it allowed some color-play with residual water and new sunshine on the lens:

Coming back to town, to the park, brought me to this strange tree with branches going down instead of up:

It was time to go home now, and this is how the hills we just visited look from the train station:

And this is how I got back to Vienna and sleep! The trains were comfortable, clean and exactly on time!

The trails we just visited were made to allow exploration of the Wienerwald, or Vienna Woods. The Wienerwald stretches from the hills north of Vienna to the south until those hills grade into the Austrian Alps. On the plane coming into Vienna that same morning I saw the Alpine peaks sticking through the clouds. Snow still ruled that landscape, but not the hills of the much lower Wienerwald. The elevations involved were about 700 feet at the lower part of the town of Baden, to about 1,600 feet on the higher hills.

Walking these hills, even though tired, was invigorating and refreshing. The woods smelled good. There were mushrooms here and there and the leaves and tree parts that were rotting gave the woods a solid, robust, natural aroma. The occasional flowering tree imposed a sweetness that literally caused one to look up and find its source.

In terms of color also the forest floor was a mix of browns in a variety of hues and some little bit of green except where there were vines.

The trees were overwhelming in their greenness, above a certain height it was hard to see anything but green. So both these visual and olfactory contrasts testified that the cycles of life were cycling along just fine in this place. Not to forget the tactile experiences of feeling sun, then rain, then wind, and at times all three at once. Sun and rain are necessary to life, and wind brings the rain, so there. Recycling and rebirth were in evidence everywhere, but since it was Spring the rebirth side had the definite upper hand!

By contrast, the higher slopes of the Spring range in Nevada were still in Winter's grip, and although the sunny slopes had some greens and some flowers going, other slopes were still snowed under. The evergreens, of course, who dropped thousands of years worth of themselves onto the slopes and changed their nature, show both aspects of the cycle at the same time. But it is a euphoric experience to see, feel, and smell it in the Wienerwald when the weather is changeable and you are jet lagged out of your mind.

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