Lands End, San Francisco

Part 0, Introduction

Lands End is actually a spot on the map right between the words "the" and "map" in this sentence.  "You are here" is where I parked.   I thought I had made it to Lands End in my pictures on page 4, but then I saw this map on the way back to the car and realized I missed it by just a few yards.

The other "P" spot, with the camera symbol gave the great view of the Golden Gate bridge and across the San Francisco Bay entrance shown on page 4.  

The highlight (for me) was the simply amazing display of flowers (nasturtiums1 and hollyhocks and others) under the outer edge of the dense stand of trees (cypresses and pines) near the lower parking area (see page 1).  

I meant to take a picture of the imitation Roman bath ruins at Sutro baths but instead was captivated by a show-off hawk circling overhead (see page 3).

Oh yes, the shore is what any place called Lands End is all about.  It is shown on page 2, and a few other views are thrown in on pages 3 and 4.

As soon as one leaves the parking lot, the cypress and pine trees are hard to miss and the shaded walkways under them are a delight:

The shore becomes visible just a few steps away from the trees:

Now that, perhaps, your appetite has been whetted, please go to the following pages for much more.

[Also, if you like this sort of land's end shore thing, visit Spain's Land's End (Cabo Finisterre), just click here to go there.]

1 I did not know how to spell this plant's name, so I guessed at nasturshium and Googled that name and found several articles about the plant and flower and its edibility.  So, I thought I had found the right spelling.  Then a literate friend (thanks, Claire) said I was wrong, and that is how it got corrected!  Lesson, don't take the internet as your final authority--on anything (that includes anything on this website, of course, especially flower-spellings).

Part One: Flowers and Trees

Part Two: Rocky Shore Views

Part Three: The Hawk

Part Four: Land's End Views

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