Trip to Amargosa Canyon

Part 1: Leaving Las Vegas

First Noteworthy Sight: Snow on Peaks of Red Rock Canyon Recreation Area

The first noteworthy sight on this morning after an overnight winter storm was the snow at the higher elevations of Red Rock Canyon, a small canyon just west of Las Vegas with a road that will take us from home on to the highway to Pahrump Valley.

This road is Charleston Blvd in the city.  The peaks are in the 7,000 foot elevation range.  The background mountains are very old limestones that have been thrust over the younger sandstones in the foreground.  This is all part of the Spring Range that divides the Las Vegas Valley from the Pahrump Valley.

The rather massive sandstone mountain dominating the last few pictures is called Rainbow Mountain.

 It is now time to get on the road.  After all, our destination is near Death Valley, we have to get going.

Second noteworthy sight: Chicago Valley

After Las Vegas Valley comes Pahrump Valley to the west, then since we are going from Pahrump to Shoshone, we pass through Chicago Valley, which, at its southern extent, merges into the valley that holds Tecopa and Shoshone.  I have been calling that valley Tecopah Valley.  Wrong on two counts: Turns out Tecopa does not have an "h" and the valley is called Greenwater Valley.  If we crossed yet another mountain range then we would be in Death Valley.  But we are not going there this time.

The next two photos are looking back into Chicago Valley from the range that divides it from Greenwater Valley.

Moving uphill to the left of the above picture allowed a cleaner shot of that valley, ringed with sizable mountains.  It is a tributary valley to Greenwater Valley, they merge at their southern ends.  Greenwater Valley is where we are going for the day.

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