Amargosa Canyon

Part 4: Return to Tecopa

The canyon changed as the light changed, so I decided to re-picture many things I found interesting before

It wasn't until I turned back to the north that I realized the thunderstorm was not all that far off anymore: first we return through the narrows

Near the palm tree, I can't resist going to the river through a tributary canyon with good gravel footing rather than mud:

There is also a tributary canyon coming in from the west.

Being that close to the river it seems silly not to move up and down its banks here and picture it flowing south . . .

then north.

Coming back to the road, there is that palm tree again, and the little pass in the background.

The road is a welcome sight from the muddy slope:

Walking on it is easy, but it will not last forever: there are deep gashes from rains.

From moment to moment the clouds get heavier, more threatening:

Getting back into the grass and brush near the little pass shows I am almost halfway back:

The 'whoodoos' offer some more amusement past the little pass:

Next comes the path through the reeds,

Then the trail through the deep grass and weeds

So now we are nearing the entrance, and it is a good time to look at the fire damage in this area: it contributes to the muddiness, I am sure.

Turning around to picture a dead tree in the other direction reminds me that a thunderstorm is still coming and I need to keep moving:

Looking across the canyon, the sun also reminds me that it is getting low.

But just a few steps later, and the town of Tecopa comes into view as a dark line of trees below a ridge on the horizon:

A few minutes later I am approaching the town, and that is on the next and last Amargosa Canyon page.


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