Fall in the Spring Range, Northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada

Orientation (starting out in same direction taken to get to the Bristlecone Pines of the Old Ones Pages {see link below}).

I drove 32 miles from home, north on US 95 and then west up to Kyle Canyon.  The first pictures is of the approach to the area where I will climb up to Cathedral Rock.  It illustrates the road entering the opening into the bowl that is Kyle Canyon.  Mt. Charleston has clouds on the left half of the picture, and the Mummy (Mummy Mountain) dominates the right of the picture:

In the second picture, Cathedral Rock is visible as a little grey spot in the trees, just a little protrusion from the west wall of the bowl. 

And up close, it looks like this: a simple rocky protrusion from the wall of the bowl.

Since that is where we are going, let's get on the way!

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