No. McKittrick Cn, 3d Try


Our previous walk up this very bouldery canyon (linked below) ended when time was half gone and we had to get back to the gate which gets locked at 6 PM.  

This time we started a full two hours earlier, thinking we would get much further.

But nature had a little surprise for use, a surprise we were not prepared for, hence one that stopped us in our tracks:  WATER!

The map below shows our path this time, including where we stopped before:

Did not make much forward progress at all, did we?  Nope.

The online satellite photos (Bing is my source for these, took a photo of what was on the screen) could have shown us where the water begins, right where we encountered it--that brown sliver of stuff on the white rock is water!

Let us not do the whole walk this time, we did that last time (linked below).  So here is where we start up North McKittrick Canyon, leaving the main trail behind:

We immediately walk past Pratt's Lodge:

An hour later we come to the big bent to the right and appreciate that Texas madrone tree living in and on a rock:

Another hour later we come to where we make a left turn, slowly:

That slow left turn takes us to where we turned around before, but now we just go on and look back to the place where we stopped for lunch  and turned around last time, we are making progress!

Just a little later we see standing water under a rock and some vegetation obviously being fed by water flowing underground toward it:

Sorry, but we are going to have you go to the next page to see the source of this water.

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