Andorra, High in the Pyrenees

Andorra is a very small principality on the border between France and Spain at the top of the 
Pyrenees mountain range, toward the eastern side of that range.

It is famous for its independence, its political freedoms, its skiing, and its low prices.  
It is a busy marketplace for Europeans and an 
occasional American.

It can not be reached directly by commercial airlines, but excellent roads
make it accessible from France or Spain.  The first photo looks back
from the border into the Ariege region of France.

To our surprise, near the top of the range there was dense fog, but we drove into sunlight at
the top of the divide that leads into Andorra's main valley (photo 2).

One thing that makes this land unusual is the existence of numerous
old buildings from the ninth through twelfth centuries, and several
Roman building complexes and bridges also survive.  This is in large
part so because there has never been a modern war, with its large
scale destruction, fought on its soil.  So the old coexists with the new.

The third photo is of a chapel on the main highway that was built in
the twelfth century.  

The last photo is of a chapel on a hillside just a few
miles from Spain that was given its charter by Rome in the year 1060.
The building is sealed, but obviously the graveyard is both used and maintained.

There is much more to Andorra than these few photos would indicate.
 Of course.

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