Mt. St. Michel and St. Malo

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To me, Mt. St. Michel is one of France's more intriguing and satisfying places to visit.

Having visited here many times before (but only once previously with my digital camera), I wanted to simply soak up the grandeur and peace I have been impressed with before in this place.  

I love the view as one can finally see the fortress/abbey clearly on the horizon:

I did not feel compelled to take a photo of everything I saw this time because my previous pages on Mt. St. Michel do a pretty good job of giving you a sense of the place.  

One of my first photos this time was to again see Joan of Arc symbolically looking toward one of the saints she claimed to have been visited by and whose voice she heard giving her instructions, Michel (Michael in English).  Joan used the fact that Mt. St. Michel, dedicated to the very angel initially directing her, had not been taken by the English during 75 years of war, as proof that it was God's intent that France should be under a French king.  I explore Joan of Arc's story elsewhere on this web site.

What made this particular visit to Mt. St. Michel different from all previous visits was that I was not in a hurry to leave to return to Paris.  This time I stayed overnight, giving me a chance to see a sunset at Mt. St. Michel for my very first time.  

The best part of any sunset, of course, is the low-angle light that precedes it, which can be quite illuminating of objects in its path, and which can also throw quite a long shadow if a tall object is involved.  I loved watching this shadow develop and stretch:

There were other directions to look, of course, like a little more to the northeast:

Those sunshine laden trees were worthy of a second look, I thought, and the sun at the other end made it difficult to get a good view of the northeastern face of the abbey:

Turning around at this spot showed the main entrance into the abbey itself:

Stepping back a little bit allowed me to get some red ivy in the picture:

But then it was time to go to the west of the village and catch the very last rays of the sun shining on the abbey and finally setting.  For those views we need another page, or two.

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