Travels and Hikes in Nevada

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The Little River That Could and Sometimes Does (the Amargosa River in Nevada and California, the first link on my fourth homepage)

A Desert Faerytale

Red Rock: Directly West of Las Vegas

Valley of Fire, Northeast of Las Vegas

Titus Canyon, Nevada to California

Cathedral Gorge State Park, US 93 North of Caliente

Zion, East of Nevada

A Visit With The Ancient Ones (Bristlecone Pines)

Mary Jane Falls

Mary Jane Falls Cave

A Fall Walk in the Spring Range

Central Nevada: Heart of the Basin and Range

1.    Lamoille Canyon near Elko

2.    Selected Sights from Whirlwind Valley

3.    Austin on Highway 50

4.    Basins and Ranges between Austin and Tonopah

5.    Berlin-Ichtyosaur State Park

6.    Goldfield on Highway 95

EXPLANATION for this page:

There are plenty of commercial sites for viewing the wonders and enchantments of the big tourist attractions in Las Vegas, Reno, Laughlin and elsewhere in the state. The roller coaster on the Interstate 15 California border is a wonder well worth the ride, for example, and the water ballet at the Bellagio on the Vegas Strip leaves one moved at times, at other times just entertained.  Entertaining is also a good word for the hourly free light and sound shows downtown, and there are lots of other attractions.

They are certainly worthy of a visit, Nevada resort hotels are reasonably priced, put on splendid feeds and shows, and will happily take your money in any denomination you choose in exchange for the hope of a win. Nevada attractions are unlike any other, and I enjoy taking my occasional visitors to some of the local palaces to see the wonders, the art, and the technology so well used and displayed.

But for the purposes of this page, I want to focus on what makes Nevada a humanly meaningful experience for me: its natural side. The "other Nevada," as the state tourist commission's free state map likes to call it.

In the furtherance of this quest we will visit desert and mountain places of great beauty, to me. They are also places of spirit, and I believe one can, for example, become as attuned with the eternal flow of life leaning against a thousand year old bristlecone pine on the flanks of Mount Charleston, near Las Vegas, as one can by sitting in a thousand year old cathedral in Europe.

A story I like to tell in this regard is about the treeless upper reaches of Mount Charleston, where bare rock suggests one is, at not quite 12,000 feet, above the tree line. But in reality, according to the people who should know these things, the lack of trees is the result of the last ice age, which just lifted its snowy mantle a mere 12,000 years ago.

The tree line under the present climate this far south is above 12,000 feet. So the trees march slowly up, and will perhaps arrive near the summit just as the next ice age does.  We are about halfway through the interglacial hot and dry period, give or take 5,000 years, so don't go to watch the trees climb.

Meanwhile, during just this last cycle of trees moving down and beginning back up the slopes of this mountain, humans arrived, untold generations came and went, and continue to do so, in the valleys below! Lends a sobering perspective to our day to day frantic activity level, and to our sometime insular and perhaps inflated ideas of self importance, i believe.

So what this subset of my site is about is a tour of my favorite places in Nevada.  A tour, by the way, truncated in the past by my not having a digital camera until two years ago, so the picture collection is bound to grow to cover more of my favorite hiking places as time and good health allow.

Please punch in the links below for your tour.  And visit as often as you like, I will update and rearrange this site on occasion just like a gardener does the flower beds.  No weeds in cyber gardens though, what a blessing!

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