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Glacial Moraines in Lamoille Canyon, Nevada

I learned on a hike in Lamoille Canyon that moraines do occur below 9,000 feet in Nevada, perhaps even below 7,000 feet? Maybe not.

This has made me change a few words (eating crow?) after my protests to the contrary in the pages on a postulated moraine in Kyle Canyon in the Spring Range. [Click to go there] BUT . . . . . . . .

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Lamoille Canyon is the heart of the Ruby Range, near Elko, Nevada, and about 400 miles north of Las Vegas by car. The canyon is explored in two other places on this website.

One series of picture pages covers the first 4 miles in Winter. Why just the first 4 miles? Simple: we were on foot because our car couldn't make it through the snow, it was quite cold, and finally it got dark) [Click here to go there]

The other series of picture pages came from a day-trip in late July of 2002. This time we drove all the way to the top, and I went on a quick hike from the parking lot to several of the lakes that lie at the feet of the southern peaks that define the canyon's southern, upper terminus [Click here to go there] .

Where they are and What they Look Like

Getting the Natural History Right

Is Lamoille Glaciation a Relevant Analog?

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