A Hike In Lamoille Canyon - Parking at 8,800 Feet


Flowers, trees and llamas!

Even at the parking lot there was scenery, messed up by inserting myself into the picture wearing wide pants because of water bottles in all pockets.

Lupins were abundant in some places near the parking lot.

Audrey found someone worth kissing in the parking lot. Llamas are popular pets and beasts of burden. They love a hike.

The people owning these two llamas were local, and were just exercising their beasts for their (all of their) enjoyment.

On the way back down they were on the same trail as I was:

But these were not the only llamas on the trail, these youngsters and their leaders were headed up, with 4 llamas carrying their supplies for a 4-day adventure in these mountains. They said they have done this a lot, they live in Elko just a few minutes away.

Llamas are very social. The couple with the black and white llamas explained that they need to have each other and their two wholly-owned humans in sight at all times of they make a very worrisome noise (I heard it when I talked to one on the trail and the other kept walking:

I tried to pet the llama but the lady said "Don't!" They get very nervous and irritated with petting of any sort, they communicate liking another llama or person by kissing, hence Audrey's kiss. Interesting.

But, that is enough on kissing beasts of burden. Time to go on a hike.