A Hike In Lamoille Canyon - Up the Western Trail


Steep, hot, and no shade!

The signs indicated a half mile shorter trail to the same destination. The longer trail would have been more comfortable but I am glad I came up one way and went down another. At the start, the flowers and trees in the distance promised color and shade.

The trail, however, went sharlply to the right and up to a rather treeless, steep side. It rose quickly through flowerfields and saw only an occasional tree. But the views back into the canyon were spectacular.

Flowers on the way up were also very nice to look at.

In fact, the walk up, except for a sparsity of shade, was a pleasure because of the constant color and increasingly more wondrous views, both forward and backward.

The above photo shows where we are headed, those snowfields against the high peak. The photo below looks back down the valley once the trees in the above phto have been reached:

Flowers are everywhere:

And so are great views:

The uppermost part of the canyon lies on a raised plateau.

From that plateau, views into the valley were rewarding.

Near the top of this trail, a creek ran rapidly downhill into the valley below. In just a few minutes I would see that this creek drains Lamoille Lake.

From this creek, it was still a little way further to the lake.

Lamoille Lake is the subject of the next section in this series.