A Hike In Lamoille Canyon - Lamoille Lake


What a nice surprise! Clear water and snowfields at the end of July!

The eastern, steeper trail met the main trail, the Ruby Crest Trail, where it split to go up to the crest, or to Lamoille Lake.

A gurgling creek with a tiny waterfall marks the outflow point for the lake.

The lake lies behind a small earth and rock dam made of glacial debris.

The water is remarkably clean and clear.

The setting is quite pleasant, rocks and trees.

The water source, of course, is snowmelt. This was the last day of July in a warm and dry year. Surely in a glacial age there would be year-around accumulation of snow in this basin.

There were small fish on the first rock shelf, and a larger fish on the second shelf.

Scout troops and an entire family came up while I was there. The place is big enough to share.

This youngster's experimental dip did not last long or go deeper than shown here: the water was cold. These were two local grandparents with a visiting granddaughter they wished to impress with their 'backyard.'

The lake sits in a bowl with high sides.

Climbing away from the lake brought shade in several healthy stands of trees.

Climbing higher saw the rock ledge and its occupants shrink, and the west wall of the canyon come into full view.

The drainage point lies in the bushes below.

Last look at lake from Ruby Crest Trail.

The Ruby Crest Trail leads over the pass in the background to another lake, miles of trail, and solitude, according to several headed there.

Heading east on the Ruby Crst Trail in order to go down on the eastern side of the canyon:

Heading east before heading north and down brought several more lakes into view (on next page).