A Hike In Lamoille Canyon - Other Lakes

As promised by the map on the opening page, there were other lakes along the longer trail back. There were also many trees providing shade.

The scenery to the east prior to the descent is impressive. This is looking back to the peak above Lamoille lake:

A few steps further to the east, looking southeast, has this contorted root of a toppled tree sitting above another sizable lake:

Walking around this lake provided an opportunity to again show off the south peaks defining Lamoille Canyon:

After this lake, there were several smaller lakes in a row:

They feed each other in a number of lines of connected outflows and inflows that run through grassy meadows:

One of the outflows lies in this deep grass:

Eventually when the outflows move toward the rocky edge of the plateau at the head of the canyon, they coalesce into this stream:

Later, the stream gets steep and narrow,

And then it jumps off the plateau into the main canyon:

Views looking down from this plateau were worth recording:

The above and below views were from where the trail started down to the north.

From just before the trail going back down, the southeast wall of the canyon looks like this:

A few patches of snow lay up against these peaks, just like in the southwest corner of the canyon above Lamoille Lake.

The walk down is recorded in the next section.