A Hike In Lamoille Canyon - Down the Eastern Trail


Trees, shade, and wonderful views mark the main trail down.

As shown above, the upper reach of the canyon, with its lakes, lies on a relatively level plateau down which torrents run feeding trees and grass and flowers in the bottom of the valley:

As we start down the trail back into the valley bottom, these are some views back up to the plateau:

From about this place along the eastern canyon wall, looking west shows the trail that was taken up, the one with no shade!

Progress is being made as shown by the receding bench:

But, looking back isn't the only thing to do on the downward trail. There is also looking to the right at the east wall of the canyon:

There seems to be a little tower in the small pass in the above photo:

I couldn't pass up the east wall with a jet flying by:

A four-trunked tree is an interesting sight:

As is a very large tree blocking the sun from my face (thank you, tree!):

In several places the trail forded the stream on the way down. Bridges were provided, but my hot feet were hungry for the shock of cold water.

Soon, I was back where I started, and we packed up for the long, long ride home.

Thanks for sharing this hike with us. Check back later for more adventures in the wild. The year isn't over yet.