Eastern Pyrenean


and Adventure

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How a week was spent in the Pyrenees

in the middle of November, 2002

This set of pages describes the how and why of an adventure, for me, into the lands in and around the east side of the Pyrenees, largely in France, but also into one valley in Spain. The pages include (1) an explanation, (2) a fairytale, (3) a travelogue, and (4) many photo pages [LINKS ARE ALL LISTED BELOW]:

An Explanation of My Fascination with Finding a Particular Dead Beatrice in History

This includes 3 book reviews which are exciting, and some rather personal and boring stuff you could live without, but I didn't. Should you read it? Only if you really want to. One reader said she could see this had meaning to me, but it left her cold.
Beatrice Found!
A Fairytale Based on the Life of this Beatrice

Without this it will be hard for you to realize why I went to see what I did, and you won't understand the figure captions that refer to the Fairytale. Hot links to places mentioned in the tale. So, read it already!
A Pyrenean Fairytale
A Travelogue

A simple description of where I went and why, and what I found there. Very non-profound. May or may not be useful to a future traveler doing this trip. Hot links to places with a picture page.
Photo Pages on Places Visited I made the round of towns associated with the lives of Beatrice de Planisolles and Barthelemy Amilhat, as well as some other places. All the picture pages are listed here, alphabetically. All in France except where indicated: 
Avignonet Montaillou
Belpech Pamiers and La-Tour-du-Crieu
Carcassonne Pallars 1: From entry to Lladros (Spain)

Pallars 2: From Tavascon to exit (Spain)
Caussou Prades and its Passes
Celles Rieux-de-Pelleport and Benagues
Dalou Tarascon sur Ariege
Limoux Unac
Mas-Saintes-Puelles Varilhes
Mezerville Vicdessos