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December 2001

All four websites now located on this server, see link here for

NEW front page: (hope all the links work!)

A series of new picture-pages are now available.

I invite you to see the new items on the NEW front page's OUTLINE under France, Chateaus, and Joan of Arc Historical sites:

November 2001

A series of new pages are under construction.

I invite you to see the new items on the OUTLINE under France, Chateaus, and Joan of Arc Historical sites (Chateaus still under construction, Joan of Arc sites are done!)

See NEW front page Outline

A look, from the air, of
Greenland's western edge. Links are provided on the last page to some excellent ground-level pictures. Please enjoy.

Greenland's eastern edge is also now featured, from 35,000 feet (links provided here until I have the energy to create one with a picture below).

October 2001, a new book review on former Geocities site, see link below. The book? A Troubadour's Testament by James Cowan.

Also October 2001: a revisit of Mary Jane Falls, this time to see its adjacent cave. On this site, see link below.

September 2001, there is a new item at bottom of page: pages on our recent road trip to Utah, featuring a national park and a nice canyon hike.

Features: Picture Pages with Comments 

This is a continuation of my series of web sites celebrating what I believe to be good thoughts and thought-filled or thought-provoking places.

Because this new site is unlimited, I have taken the liberty of increasing the photo-size in my newer pages. Hope that helps you enjoy my pictures.

To kick off this new site, here is a celebration of the Fourth of July, 2001, at home, featuring an intense sunset hosted by Mother Nature (link is under the picture):

I created a story, in words and pictures, about a river in Nevada that has water in three discrete places, but not anywhere else except during an intense storm when it carries flash floods some distance. The link is here and under the picture:

It was May 2001 and I collated a lot of DESERT FLOWER pictures into several pages that will delight your senses, without the bother of allergies flaring up.  The link is under the word " DESERT FLOWERS" as well as under this photo:

Early in March 2001 I had the opportunity to visit a small cave on the Arizona-Mexico border, in Coronado National Monument. I took some pictures, and they can be found by clicking on this link.    Or you can get there by clicking on the strange looking photo, below.  The last page in the cave picture series has some political observations about the US-Mexican border you may wish to live without.

And here is a photo series on Carlsbad Caverns, in New Mexico. The sample photo that follows is the link to these cave pages:

September 2001, and it is time to try a new program for creating websites. The other sites were created with Webwizz (the very oldest), then came Netscape Composer, then Symantec Visual Page, and now I thought I'd give ixla's WebEasy a shot. What I created is several pages on our recent vacation to Utah: some canyons around Provo, as well as Cedar Breaks National Monument and Capitol Reef National Park.

Click on the words:
UTAH VISIT 2001. Or, as usual, click on this photo:

My second site (see below) has a feature on Mary Jane Falls, in the Spring Range not far from Las Vegas. That was a Spring hike. Now we return, in Fall, and see the adjacent small cave at the falls.

Click on the words:
Cave at Mary Jane Falls. Or, click on this photo (of a small limestone shelf in the back of the cave):

Please have a wonder-filled day! --abe--


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